Playing With Cubes

These are some experiments I made for a concept I’m intending on converting into a Short Film. The idea is to create really intricate and complex shapes and shots using cubes as a base.

Not much to say, right now, I call this finished because I don’t intend on touching these for a while. Not until some more income finds it’ way into my pocket, at least (Life is hard) so yeah, this is it for now. :spin:


Made a game like this once, the cubes would just keep coming at you and deform into complex shapes, but you could have a lot more if you where to render it (i could only have 1000) a short film would be awesome, keep up the good work.

looks awesome. love it.

Looks interesting. Hope you find the fund to continue your project.

Dude! You just gave me my much needed landscape idea for my short film!! (see The Other in my sig)

@meatlover Thanks, I’ll check out that game, sounds interesting. Just as a note, I think, for the most complex one, the first image, I only used about 5700 cubes. not that much, really XD.

@Sam M Thanks a lot for the comment, much appreciated.

@arun.skk Thanks a lot, I do hope so too, although the funding wouldn’t be for the shortfilm itself, but for my ever incrising parental and marital responsibilities. o_O

@gregzaal Awesome, Love to be of help, even if in such an indirect manner XD. I’ve loved your stuff on BlenderNerd, keep it up (also, the short film looks nice, gonna check it out)

I thought it a good idea to share the compositing setup for the first image, here you go, guys.


Very cool. I can’t do anything with nodes so it’s especially impressive.

Thanks :slight_smile: those nodes are useful

some awesome desktop wallpaper possibilities with these :wink:

@GraphiX Thanks a lot

@gregzaal No problem, I’m here to help XD

@oofnish XDThanks, The third one I’m actually using as a wallpaper at work.