Playing with Env Maps!!

(BgDM) #1

Hey all. Just an update to my Rod WIP that I posted below. Playing with Hemi’s and Env Map.

Take a look and let me know. Still alot to do.


(SKPjason) #2

Dude, that is just amazing.

What a great job… That envmap really brings out the highlights and depth to the paint job… It’s the type of paintjob I love to see on cars… just that really thick, vibrant, waxed within an inch of its life look…



(stephen2002) #3

good, but it looks like it is almost too shiny. Maby turn up the “Hard” to make the specular reflections a bit more focused.

(BgDM) #4

Much appreciated comments. Finally getting the hang of making chrome and getting the env map to look right.

stephen2002 - will play with the HARD value. Thanks for the input. I was thinking it was a little too shiny myself.

Just to let you all know. I am still working on my suit of armor. Just doing the painting of the textures in photoshop and will hopefully get something updated on that soon as well. Just doing this car as a break from the texture work.


(Guitarius) #5

WOW! You guys are amazing… Unbelievable!