playing with great plugIns

(kerosene) #1

just made this one quickly:

tnx to the developers of those scripts/plugIns. great job dudes! :slight_smile:

(jorx) #2

What pluggins? Were they Blender plugins? Can I get them :slight_smile: ?

(Aksy) #3

WOW! :smiley: Great image.

would you tell, where did you get the plugin?

(paradox) #4

cool 2 plug-ins, one imagination and a great picture. Well done.


(S68) #5

:o Nice :o


(kerosene) #6


tnx for the comments :slight_smile:

well… which plugIns i’ve used u can read in the picture.

Fur: (Script)
zBlur: (Sequencer-PlugIn)(hmm… seems to be a dead link. try [email protected] for more infos)
does anyone know of an alternative url for zBlur?

(eeshlo) #7

Most known plugins (as well as other stuff) can be downloaded from SirDude’s site:

Then just to clarify, the fur is not really done with a plugin, but a python script which is only really included to make it easier, it can all be done manually if you wanted to…

Nice picture kerosene! Seen your site too, whenever I see all these wonderfully designed sites, it makes me ashamed of my own site with it’s horrible outdated look. I really need to do something about that, but no time, very busy with ehmm, what’s it called again? … can’t remember…