Playing with Lens flare in 2.61

Started playing around with lens flares for a title project I am working on. This is what I came up with. :eyebrowlift:

Looks great. In fact, I’ve been considering if I should purchase AE and its Lens flare plugin just for this effect. If this is possible in Blender without any copyright violation–of specific textures, for example–it would be a great news.

Can you somehow prove that this shot was really created entirely in Blender?

Curious to see this in motion. Reminds me that I never did anything with my own flare experiment.

Sure! In this case I created 5 emiting objects in my scene, each different sizes(not all are in the render cause its made for an animation) and they are on a seperate layer than the logo. But I did play around earlier with a lumanince key to create a matte and use to seperate the light from the rest of the scene.

Here is a look at my scene.

Here is a look at my compositor.

Here is a render without post processing.

Here is a image with post processing.

Also I used this texture to great a sort of displacement/faults in the lens.

Obviously there is loads of room for improvement, and there are endless possibilities with the composite, I’ll keep playing with it till I get something spectacular! :yes:
Maybe I’ll make a tut on it sometime soon.

Any chance you could post the node setup with a little more zoom-in? Its like reading hieroglyphs to read it at that resolution :wink:

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you… the internet has been screwball all day… I created a Tut for it, and created an animation. But because of the internet I havn’t been able to upload it. So this is all I get up. That color balance on the left is linked directly to the renderlayer, and the fog glow on the right is connected directly to the composite/viewer nodes.

Here is the lens flare is motion!

Hi bhindlilanimals,

I was able to duplicate the effect utilizing your node. Although it has its own limitations. I t’s by far the best blender lens flare I’ve ever seen. I’ll look forward to your further studies and tests. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

George Kim