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Use to desaturate the back ground and over saturate the flower. used Photoshop for the Difuse glow

looks great.i think you should make the buds in color too

Wow, that’s beautiful! Would you say this took a long time to post process?
It reminded me of the effect in Schindler’s List, or how Speilberg highlighted the important symbols with use of color.

wow what great comments. thanks

hmm post process time wasnt horribly long. the hard part was cropping the flower out of one layer. I cropped, desaturated and oversaturated in (better with color control in layers) then added the glow effect. all together about 30-45 minutes.

@jedijapan- thats a good idea but i wanted the flower to be the ONLY focal point in the whole thing.

Really beautiful work headcheese!
I’ve used this technique in photos before and it always amazes me how well it works. If you want to speed up the process in the future here’s what you do:

In photoshop make a copy of the image layer and totally desaturate the top layer. Then apply a layer mask to the top layer (it is a button at the bottom of the layers window). when working with a mask you only paint in black and white and it allows you to make part of the top layer transparent. This allows the bottom layer with color to show through and all you do is “paint” it in.

If this sounds confusing I’m sure there are tons of tutorials. Just look up “layer masks” on google.