Playing with shadows

Click here for a 1024x768 version.


Whoa! How did you make that?

Thats really clever, awsome job man. Maybe give it some sweet textures and more intense lighting, i dunno. Sweet idea

Oooh a 3d ambigram cool could you make a tut?

A little animation here.


PS/ Sorry, i have no time for a complete tutorial. In a few words, i first make a “volumic” mesh, only composed of verticles, a sort of “cloud”. Then i use blueprints of wanted figures (in my case magie and virtual) and i erase unwanted verticles. I use the DupliVerts functionnality to fill the mesh with cube or metacube.

respect! nice idea

Reminds me of the illustration Doug Hofstadter used in his book Godel, Escher, Bach, an Eternal Golden Braid. Here’s a version done by Cornell University to advertise a Hofstadter symposium.

They had to actually cut up blocks of wood to get the shadows. You’re way is better. Good work, Bob!

Could you post up the .blend file? That’s just so cool!

Very very cool!

thats cool stuff