Playing with Snow ;) [Bigish Images]

Started mucking around with snow after watching Andrew’s tutorial on BN (when I should have been studying… :evilgrin:), and got a little carried away… still thinking about a good scene to put it in but… the idea’s are always the easy bit :stuck_out_tongue: ideas on ways to make the snow seems as though its interacting more with the hut would be great :yes:

general C&C would be awesome :smiley:

Fire Away :eyebrowlift:

Nice textures on that shack.

I agree that the shack looks good, I live in Australia though were it doesn’t snow so I can’t really comment on that except that it looks like what I think snow should… Maybe a bit more snow piled on the horizontal flat surfaces, or making piles of it up against the walls of the hut at the bottom where it’s falling from the roof? Anyways good work :slight_smile:

Haha, doesn’'t snow in Australia :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure a lot of people freezing their asses of in the ski fields would disagree with you there :wink: [Though i’m in Perth, so I probably know less about snow than you :spin:]

Your right that I need to exaggerate more the snow piling around the edge of the hut though… I also think I need to take into account how wind would sculpt snow around the house and stuff… must keep playing.

It would be awesome if somebody who knows about snow could tell me how well it sticks to corrugated iron??

Also, will it pile up against a wall or will there be a gap between the wall and the snow pile (sorta like in my render)??

From what I remember, if there was strong winds, the snow on the side would be there sort of like in pieces. I am not sure how to explain… Here is a picture I found, now this is a small cat house that it stuck to but it would do the same on a big object, the difference is if would not look as fluffy, on second thought, that’s is not too fluffy, maybe it would look just a bit less fluffy.
It also gets in the corners.
But it doesnt have to stick to the side. it depends on the wind and the concentration makeup of the snow. Meaning how much water is in there, because the snow doesnt always stick, sometimes it is like powder. Here are some reference pictures.

And these:

i like snow and we ahvae about a total of 3 meters a year

but there are so many conditions that affect snow accumulation
like heat loss on buildings ambient temperature wind conditions
i mean it’s a complex thing to describe

and there is ice also etc…

so google some snow piitures and use theses i guess !

but i would like to see a way to use particules system to accumulate snow over objects

that might be very cool to see this happeen in a small animation!

keep up the good work
happy 2.5

Oh yeah thats right, put some icicles on the edge of the roof.(if you can get the materials right)

I would apply snow more evenly over the hut on the whole…

If that end of the hut where the snow is piled on top is a chimney, there may be some heat interaction with the snow to consider (melting, icicles, etc.).

Also, where the doorway swings open (does it swing outward or inward? Most doors of habitable dwellings swing outward, I believe), there should be some signs- marks in the snow- of where the snow gets affected by the door’s movement. Furthermore, usually people stop in the doorway to get out keys, open it, close it, etc., so more footsteps and trampling in the doorway would add realism (people usually don’t just walk straight in and out of doors, they have to stop, turn around, and close/open door).

You may want to flatten out a bit more snow surrounding the hut.

Good work so far… cheers!

started fiddling with the snow, still not happy with it but I think its improving. Icicles (is that really how its spelt :o) are on the todo list, though the material for them looks like it’ll be a challenge… (heads back to Andrews tutorial ;))

anyway pics:

Also, anybody got any though’s on the best way to light/setup a blizzard??

thanks heaps for the help guys :slight_smile:

if anybody knows any awesome tree generators i’m going to need to try and make some snowgums to put in the background, and i have a feeling that getting that beautiful curved & twisted shape of a snowgum will not be easy…

The snow looks excellent, but there’s something a little off with the shack. The textures are great, but somehow it looks almost like a photo-realistic render of a small model. I suspect the problem is with the width of the corrugations on the iron roof - maybe they need to be narrower.

need to add other things around like trees or some animal ect…

that way the real dimensions will look more realist !

but looking good
keep up the good work

happy 2.5

Your scene looks fine, but you could do some improvements to it. Is your shack used in winter? If someone lives in it, he probably needs to warm it, and icicles form. If not, and it’s been less than 0 Celsius for a long time, no icicles :stuck_out_tongue: Also, you need to add a cap to that pipe, or the shack would be full of snow. Maybe some smoke coming out of it (if its used) ? Also, you might want to tweak the snow in front of the door, to make it look like the door has been opened recently. Keep it up!

Also, here’s quick paintover for the pipes cap (without icicles), hope you dont mind.

That pipecap is an awesome idea Cadiac, thanks for that :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying for the last two days to make some snowgums too put in the background but the results have been nothing short of miserable… (I wont even bother posting pictures of them :confused:)

After looking around for photo’s suitable for billboarding I might look into that as an option, rather than continue to fail at making a good looking 3d eucalypt… although I’ve never used billboards in a non-realtime situation so I’m skeptical as too how well it will work.

Anybody got any opinions on 3d tree’s vs billboards, or (even better) an awesome tree generator that can do eucalyptus trees (all the ones i’ve seen have been pretty much only suitable for european style trees) :o

for tree / plants try some of theses sites

some model can be downloaded directly to use

or download the script and do it yourself !


Yea I’ve tried making eucalypts with that in the past and it can never seem to get the shape quiet right - eucalypt’s are very different structurally from most other plants so algorithmic generators tend not to work. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I know wood is not reflective, but if you make the wood on the house a little reflective with a very low gloss value it may look a little more “interactive” into the scene. Great work anyway

also for the chimney cap you need some sort or wire mesh around or rodens like squirrel raccons or birds will go into you shack to heat whatever is in your frigo ! LOL

also make it a little longer i guess it looks too squarrish right now and add a small window may be!

nice work

happy 2.5