Playing with the new release.

Here are some rusted metal textures I’ve created with new version… man… do I love it or what. Even though these textures have flaws, they took me only like 5 minutes… I am going to play even more and see if I can get better results… but all I know is that I can say bye bye to endless searches for some textures and now can combine the power of Photoshop and new blender into making my own textures.


Thats great,
The one on the right looks like it’s a live, a bit.

Maybe a little less nor on the left one ?

Hmm, yeah, the right one does look like alive, i think it’s because it looks wattery-skinnish if you know what I mean… hmm. And yeah probably should reduce nor on the left one.

I am going to bed now but tomorrow I’ll do that.


Check out the blender procedurals release log here:

There are some examples of what you can do with the new procedurals (though not all of them are good) and some pictures of some possible settings as well as blend files. Go go go! Hmetalcowgirl and I put it to together :smiley:

i hope blender will get a shader network soon.
i mean system like in maya sla shadermaker pro or so.

with this your procedual approach gets even more powerfull.

i lik ethe right one still i dont know if this looks like rusty metal more like marble or so. the grain in the left iimage is a bit distracting. can you smooth it out a bit?



with the nice text it really makes a good picture alltogether, how did you do the text btw? Photoshop?


nice job - I’d really appreciate a .blend post to see how you did it.

How much internal antialiasing do the new procedural textures have? Try some verrry slow movement of the camera toward the objects (especially the one on the left) and see if they start speckling.

I’ve done quite a lot of shader writing myself (in RenderMan), and I’m interested to know what steps have been taken to limit the frequency content of the new shaders. They could be quite tricky to use in animations if the user can add limitless frequency components and the shaders just produce that on demand… OTOH, they could make a really powerful system if they are a bit intelligent about frequency limiting.

this should also go in the finished proj. sticky thread…

Desoto: Yeah, I know, I’ve read it, hehe

cekuhnen: I guess you’re right. Though when metal rusts the paint on it kind of diforms and the edges lift up, it’s why it’s so noisy and not smooth.

SirVer: No I didn’t make it with Photoshop, I made it with new blender release.

cdiorio: I don’t know how I can host a .blend file, maybe someone can tell me? But below there is a screenshot of a new texture I just made after I woke up :smiley:

lancelet: I haven’t played with all that stuff yet, I’ve only tried different options for textures, and not even all of them. I’m too excited right now to go technical, lol

SkeLeToR: Ya… I’ll post there in a bit.

Here’s a rock texture screenshot (it’s very basic, just play around with options). Notice that it’s too shiny, that’s beacuse I didn’t change stuff except for nor, texture and color. I even left the default lamp. And texture could be adjusted to be better, but… ehh, I’ll leave it up to you.


wow, that really rocks. Maybe its now possible to make good looking sand.


thanks for the screen shot - this release is SOOOO cool.!

Blade i think SirVer wanted to know how u did the text in your pics.

looks nice, the chunks are so small that is looks like a bigger rock than it is, try adding a basic “rock” model, put it on a wood plan with some AO so we can see the scale of the texture.

lol, not going to do it now, it’s was just a test. I still have my “Boggy” to animate and stuff… :stuck_out_tongue: