Playstation 2 -UPDATE on First Post

I was inspirerd by jedicinemas’ awsome XBox. So i decided i would try to make a Ps2. C&C Welcome.
I made the memory card and controller. I removed the cloud textures from the Ps2 top an made the black a softer shade. What do you think?


Looks very well.

AO would be very good.

Great job. How about some more angles? One thing though: I thought the PlayStation 2 had only five bars (not six) running across the front… You should also round it out a bit and add a cloud texture for the top.

In case you want to know (for reference and such), here is a PlayStation 2, directly from their site.

Even though it’s not exactly like a real one, it still looks awesome.

my ps2 has six bars. model looks pretty accurate.

Ok. Here are some new renders. I put a marble and noise texture on the top.
and the Top

This was my reference pic ( along with the actual console)


Why, exactly, are there those textures on the top? They look weird to me.

And the “playstation” written in black isn’t nor/disp mapped, as it should, looknig at the ref pic.

Other than that, it’s really good. :slight_smile:

I’m honored that you considered my xbox model good enough to be ‘inspiring’. You’re PS2 is coming along nicely. I agree with FrostByte that you should get rid of the marble texture. The main black material looks as if you set it to pure black. I would bring that up to R=.2, G=.2, B=.2 as nothing in real life is “pure black”. May I also suggest adding a bit more light to the scene so we can see the details of the PS2 better. Keep up the good work!

Bevel please.


New Update on First post.


Looks like a good model. I would add a noise texture to only the top using material indices. Don’t use voronoi noise like I think you did but just plain noise that gives speckles and add it as a bump map. You might need to change the size in the map to section.

Also, the playstation 2 lettering. If you added it as an image instead of modelling, you just apply a negative bump for that by clicking nor twice.

that looks very cool. i think it’s awesome.

btw, have you seen the PS2 that is half as thin as it is now?

that’s a good start but have a look at the post upon the xbox it’s really impressive and maybe u could ask for some details about his method !!!

keep on blending

I agree that the texture on the top is wrong… there’s nothing like that in your reference picture so why add it?

I like your controller the most… It looks real. I agree about the texture on top, makes it look weird. Very nice texturing and modelling job. Keep it up!

the eject button don’t have any texture.
and the P in front of the the playstation is wrong directed. it should be on the side.

Actually the playstation logo on the front rotates, so it being different from the one in the reference picture is fine.

Excelent modeling on this one.

Good modeling job so far, several changes to the texture which have already been mentioned and it will look great :slight_smile:


What changes do i need to do to the texture? I got rid of the cloud and noise texture. Right now there is no texture on it ( the first pic). I have to fix the controller a little bit and put a bump map on the joy sticks.