PlayStation Portable


I’ve been working on this little fellow for a couple days now. And as I haven’t seen a PSP on Elysiun, I thought I’d post it.
| Ve: 1906 | Ed: 3826 | Fa: 1922 |

Just the wires there at the moment. I’ll get some renders tomorrow maybe.

The plan at the moment is to get the “basic” details done. Then I’m going to convert the sub-surf mesh into a regular mesh. Then comes all the little details.

C&C are most appreciated.

-maniac 4 hire

It’s looking good so far. Although I’d like to see an actual render.

Ooh! Idea. Why not make a texture map of a screenshot from a PSP game and paste it on the screen? That would be neat.

Make it run blender :smiley:
Anyway, looks realy good so far. I’m waiting for a render too.

nice playstation

Hey thanks for the comments.

That will probably be in the final render

Thanks for the comment. As for the blender idea, that would be awesome. I may have to have a version like that just for kicks.

I really haven’t done much modeling today (just the battery door). But I did do some renders. The front view is a little plane as there obviously isin’t any buttons or such yet.

-manaic 4 hire

model structure looks pretty good. the renders could use some better shading on the materials for the plastic, but it’s looking really nice. good job.


I just converted it from a subsurf mesh and now I’m going after the little details.

Heres a render of the top finished(almost).

I’m not a 110% happy with it… but…
Oh, and I realize that the top silver part where those lines are, is supposed to be a bit more square. I’m haveing a difficult time with sorting it out.

-maniac 4 hire

Looks good! What approach did you take for making the holes in that last shot?

…and the text? is ti just displacement mapping? Looks great (i’ll hvae to get a psp so I can compare).

Thanks, and the approach that I took was…Well it would just be easier to show you so heres a wire of the top.

No, the text (I assume you mean the “OPEN” text?) is actually a mesh. I never really thought displacement/nor maps looked good.

-maniac 4 hire

displacement is not very recommend for your PSP Open text

you will need to also add more faces for better detail if you use displacement

nor is not so beauty to get that result

Well folks, got a bit more done with this project. I just finished (i hope) the right side buttons, the square, triangle, O, and X. I’ve been dreading doing these… but they didn’t turn out near as bad as I had thought they would.

Two shots a close up and a not so close up

I’m not super pleased with them but I’m also not displeased. My main two complaints are that the inside of the indent isin’t as “hard” as I’d like it to be. And the other problem I can notice is that the top of the bottom button has a bit of a straight edge. I’ll probably be able to fix those two.

Anyway thanks for reading my ramblings . And C&C is most welcome indeed.

-maniac 4 hire

Well heres an update. A very small update.
Thats the power switch located on the right side.

-maniac 4 hire

it’s getting very cool

keep it up :wink:

i can’t wait to see the model finished and the texture attached!

I agree, this rocks!

gj on the modelling. i was just wondering, any particular reason for this one? are you just doing this for fun? (if so-- good). The modelling looks very careful and prescise, so keep it up.

Hey thanks for the comments guys.

Thanks dude, and yes I’m doing this for my enjoyment. :smiley:

And heres a couple new renders done with a HDRI probe in yafray.

The rest of my renders will probably be done in yafray as I plan to use it for the final render.

-maniac 4 hire

Well, I got about a half hour in on this project. I managed to finish modeling the front buttons.

I hope to finish the D-pad next. I’m thinking its going to be somewhat difficult though.

Crits/comments welcome

-maniac 4 hire

good job!

keep it up

texturing will give a good look

I’ve been working (at my job) quite a bit these past couple days. So there hasen’t been a whole lot of progress. I did do some work with the textures tonight. Materials really are not my strong suit, and I’m hoping to improve upon what I have so far. So any crits/tips you guys have are most appreciated.

-maniac 4 hire