PLC/Machine interface with 3D viewport

Recently our company made the decision to overhaul our machine interface in a big scale.
As a blender user, engineer and python coder i asked myself how much work it would be to use the blender game engine for viewing editable meshes of a machine, where the size or length would be defined during machine setup.
Do you think blenders python could handle a smooth PLC communication?
Do you think a multilayered menu in blender would fit into an industrial machine?
Or do you think blender would be a total overkill?

Currently we got a 3D viewport and menus written in delphi.

What do you think?

It is definitely possible.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you interface to the PLC? Are there python libraries available.
  • Do you need the complexity a computer-interface can offer?

The only problem is in the 'viewing editable meshes of a machine" Currently the blender game engine API will not allow you to do this, though it could be worked around by running two instances of blender. One for the game/interface, and another for creating the meshes, which it saves as a blend file and the game libLoads. But that is quite longwinded and complex.