Plea for 3d manipulator widget


I really appreciate new features and development of Blender (cycles, b-mesh etc.). Coders are really great!

But it would be great if there was such a focus also other features which in my opinion are fundamental. I am talking about 3d manipulator widget.

In Blender 2.6 (2.5) 3d manipulator still does not work as it was working in Blender 2.4X:

  • when translating you cannot see a starting point of transform
  • when rotating you cannot see an angle
  • when rotating you cannot see gimbal lock - this is really a pain for animation

Hey guys this is really fundamental, in fact this is still left todo in Blender 2.5 features/porting list. It nice to have super new features in Blender but for me it would be great to have fully functional basic tool which everyone uses in fact all the time.

So I am starting this poll whether other users would like to have function 3d manipulator back.

Thank you


I think most people will agree with you

I personally hate the 3d manipulator thing. I think that they should just take it out.

I wish we have 3d manipulator like in 3ds max, cryengine, etc., where you can translate, rotate and scale in two axis at the same time (yea, I know blender can do this (Shift+Z; Shift+X;Shift+Y), but it would be cool have it directly in the gizmo).

I personally hate the 3d manipulator thing. I think that they should just take it out.

Since you can disable it, I don’t see any reason why you should take it out.

Some people use the manipulator a lot, so taking it out would be a stupid idea.

Personally i find it more comfortable to click-drag an arrow then to press G,X

i miss the mouse gestures, it was much easier just to drag a line and with mmb to lock an axis, instead to aim and click at the gizmo to move a object

I very much agree with you!


I fully agree!

Animators tend to depend more on the 3d manipulator in my opinion. Modelers lean toward the keyboard shortcuts, preferring to input transforms numerically. I am more of a modeler, but I think we need to support and refine the manipulator, as it is sort of a standard among 3d packages. And I would miss it when I am animating.

Ctrl+Space to disable the gizmo.
What i really miss is a combo to cycle through the three modes (Grab,Rotate, Scale), instead of clicking on the toolbar at the bottom of 3dview or typing G,R,S, (i must admit that other softwares W,E,R is much more comfortable).
CTRL+click on the gizmo could be a solution.