Please add "Switchers/Migration" section


I’m a Maya user and I’m steadily making my switch to blender.

I speculate that after the official release of 2.5 beta many users from other apps will try blender, more than any period before, and I believe some will want to switch too.

I have a proposal to make, and that is to add a section in the forums, calling it “Migration” or “Switchers” for migration questions, that would cover questions like :

  • In maya im used to doing that with x tool/workflow, how is that possible in blender ?
  • in max/cinema 4d in order to do this I use this, how is that possible in blender ?
  • … etc

I know there is a section called “Other Software” but I strongly suggest having a dedicated section like “Migrations” / “Switchers” in order to encourage people into switching, and so new users who are good in other apps can find some focused support.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in that, maybe possibly adding sub sections for specific apps later on, for example “From Maya to Blender” / “From Max to Blender” … etc.

IMO this will help push blender in the right direction.