Please all gameblender users come to chat with us

(doogs) #1


Doogs here again, I know I may be repetetive, but with the impending GameKit and revival of blender, there will be more and more gameblender newbies, amateurs, and pro’s… I’ve noticed a lot of you guys have come in, but please we need all the community we can in IRC Chat! Don’t give up if the room’s empty!

OpenProjects Network


I’ll try to be in there at all times, but don’t be shy!

I hope some of you demo-eye-poppers can come chat with us such as
Doc Holiday and Peter!

Cmon in, we’d love to chat, swap demos, and help each other make better and better games!


(Blender_owl) #2

Yeah, common out. We dont get get as many users as the blender chat channel but we get quite a few.

(saluk) #3

Seems like lately we’ve been getting more and more people too. It’s a blender games revival!

go blender!

Yeah, come in there if you have a question, often there is someone who can answer it.

(doogs) #4

I know! Not to put down the forums, but its getting pretty easy these days to bring your questions to #gameblender ! Don’t be shy, people! Immediate answers, and responses from us! Cmon in! Need help logging in? let us know!


(dreamsgate) #5

just found out there was a channel for game blender, I’ll be there often with questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Abracsis) #6

I will try and be there alot in the christmas holidays when i have free internet again!


(doogs) #7

We’ll try to be there for you dream… and anyone else. even if the channel gets empty sometimes, dont lose hope! most weekends i wont be in there but during the weekday afternoons to night :slight_smile:


(snailrose) #8

Hey okay this is a stupid question but how do you get
to work?


(doogs) #9


well go to and get mirc… then log on to the server openprojects in the connection window

then type /j #gameblender