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Dear Support Blender, I am newbies here
I have around to find best rendering and was find blender as well as other rendering product, that galery of blender it so realistict and excited to install.
I have install blender new 2.48a, and I install to python 2.5.2 (I dont know if I install newest is python 3.1 it will work or not.)
I have the problem to complite python documentation server at http://localhost:7464/ install like this…which I must put from many list this?
and then what I must fill it python command line??? “help”, “copyright” or “license” for more information>>>

and then I find plone new releases 3. 2. 1 after install that plone not shown on all program.
it mean all this install just complite for blender right?
Please I am really new and excited to learn and study much about rendering by blender.

Also I have blog to collect my rendering job, would like to get from blender gallery and show on my blog. would like you don’t mind and having information the best rendering of blender gallery artist community.
Thank you for your guide and having best solution of blender work as well.

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Thats right, the only threads made here should be actual tutorials, there should be no threads requesting for tutorials or asking for support.If I see any threads made in here that are not actual tutorials, you will be punished.If you fail to read this but still make a thread that isnt a tutorial, then you have no excuse, If you have no time for rules we have no time for you.

Hi, I need a tutorial for making racetracks for my new car racing game.
I want the road surface to twist and turn using curves.
I can’t seem to find any tutorial on the web for this, except normal racetrack tutorials which covers only flat up hill and down hill roads. I want for instance a tutorial which can show me using 2.54 where the road surface lean to the one side for instance at turns and corners of my track.
I’ll try to draw a pic with paint to illustrate what I mean.
Please excuse my creativity, It’s not great at all, I know !