Please can someone rig the butt for this model?


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So i have this model, is completely rigged, but i need the butt to be rig and i don`t know how to, so i want some help, if you can rig it and give me the blend file i will be very grateful to you.

PD: Im uploading the blend file to Dropbox, because i can`t put in here
PD 1 : Para the post doesn’t let me put any more repplies, there is any other way to contact you?

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Thanks for the help, i did all that you asked for.

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Oh, this is the original model, that was a test.

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Like the breast bones, independent ones

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What, like how?

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Like this?

PD: Sorry if im being really annoying

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Now what should i do?

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Okay, the more tedious thing ever xD

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I don’t feel comfortable with answering this anymore so I’m just gonna leave you with this tutorial instead:
or you can follow a regular method and skin it to the hip and thigh bones.