Please can you confirm a bug i've found on 2.66 and 2.66a

Hi all.

Found a bug. It’s easy to reproduce if it’s a real bug:
create a BIG tga image in gimp: 2048x4096 pixels ans save it.

open a new project with blender with the cube.
select the cube
create material
create texture and set it up at image/movie
load the tga file

Blender says it cannot load the image as the format is not recognized.

EDIT: the same texture, same size in png format works fine…

Do you have the same thing ?

if yes, i’ll file a bug report.

thanks to all !

Works flawlessly for me.
TGA: RLE compressed, bottom left.
Blender 266a, Win7pro x64, Gimp 2.8.2

Do you have the same thing ?

if yes, i’ll file a bug report.
You obviously have an issue so report it anyway with as much useful info as possible, including problem tga file and exact settings used to make it

Works here too.

oh many thanks to all for taking the time for testing this.

I gonna dig a bit deeper in this case as it seems you’re all right.
I also created a new image 2Kx4K ans saved it as a tga. it loads properly in blender.

this means the problem is more complex. I’ll have to know wether it’s a blender or a gimp bug for the particular images
that don’t load.

Thanks. i be back there soon.

OK, back there with more info.

And sorry as i made some mistake. It’s my bad.
In fact it seems that 2Kx4K textures work fine in blender.

The problem occurs with 4Kx8K textures.
here’s for example a tga texture i cannot load in blender : (33.6 KB)

So now let’s get back with the topic question:
Do you all have the problem i got in blender, saying it cannot load the image ?
Thanks again in advance for your answers.

EDIT: here’s the console message and the blender texture window, after trying to load the tga:


8k not working for me yeh.

Shot in the dark:

I know Blender has some limits to texture sizes but I can’t recall, nor do I bother to go and search :slight_smile:

The error message already suggests its a memory issue, most likely allocating the memory for the image, maybe the datastructure to store the .tga image in blender doesn’t support such huge sizes.
Either Blender doesn’t support such big textures or, the library used to load the .tga doesn’t, or such sizes are beyond the .tga specification. I honestly don’t know.

So yeh, just use .png or .exr if you have to use such huge textures.

In any case, if no one comes up with an explanation here, just file a bug report, often enough the issue is not only closed as not being a bug, but elaborated as to why it is the way it is.

Then you know for sure, and usually answered by the developer responsible for the code.

hi arexma.

thanks for answering those questions. The tga format seems to be ok with those big images, as gimp loads them properly.

On the other side, blender seems to handel those big sizes, as loading works when file is in png format.
Maybe you’re right saying the embedded blender tga loader has those limitations. Anyway this shouldn’t be
as png files work fine, and blender ( in user parameters ) allows texture limit to 8K or more ( i guess ) when off.

Anyone else can bring ideas of the reason why this problem occurs ?


back there for some lil info on the case.

It seems it was a bug wich is now fixed:

thanks to Campbell Barton :slight_smile:

and have nice blends !