Please can you help - Texture not sticking to object!

Hi, this has probably been covered many times before, but I was wondering if you could help me out anyway.

I have got a scene of an asteroid heading towards Earth, and as it does so, the asteroid spins, but the problem is, the texture doesn’t ‘stay’ with the object.

It is kind of hard for me to describe what I mean, so I’ll use an example.

Imagine a red balloon. On this balloon, you paint a yellow smiley face and hold the balloon up so that the face is looking at you.

Then, you rotate the balloon, so that the face is facing the opposite way that you are looking at.

This is what should happen when my asteroid moves, but it doesn’t. In essence, when I rotate my ‘balloon’ the smiley face always stays in the same place, looking at me.

I know this could seem quite confusing, but if you could help me out, I would be very grateful!


What are the settings in the Map Input panel? The texture should be mapped to UV or Orco. In case you have Win or Glob the texture won’t follow the object.