Please can you help?

Hi guys and girls, this is my first ever post!

I really hope you can give me a bit of a helping hand.

I have had very little experience on Blender and as part of a uni project have decided to use it to make a title sequence.

The plan is to have close up shots of a square tile sliding puzzle and zoom out at the end to show the whole thing (the tiles will have moved around to make the name of the movie).

I have so far had a mess around, made and animated some plain tiles and made the final image; I just don’t quite know the best way of putting the image onto the tiles! I’ve seen some tutorials on uv mapping onto single objects but what would be the best way of getting an image across more than one object?

I would really appreciate any help you can give me!


soph x

1st of all - welcome to the forum!

You will have to map each object individually
if you use UV mapping - you don’t need a different texture for each square
you can just use the same image and then map only the section you need to each square

any more questions just ask :slight_smile:

Actually there is an easier way. You can add a single cube to the scene, multiply it in X and Y directions using the Array modifier, then apply the modifiers to make the copies “real”. Now map a single large texture onto the resulting object as usual. Finally, in edit mode, press P and select “loose parts” to split all the cubes into separate objects. They will keep their textures, so you can move them around like parts of a puzzle.

nice one! :slight_smile: