Please Check out my first model

I am 15 and new to 3d stuff an all. i did the tutorils, and now did my oficial 1st model. please give feadback and pointers.:slight_smile:


looks very good, though the lightning makes it hard to see the model properly…

One thing i noticed that all strings are same thickness, they shouldnt be so…
and the head of the guitar doesnt really continue the same line with neck, it should be lower…

But very impressive for first model :smiley: keep it up

excellent work.

could you post pics showing the entire model from the front back and sides?

can we also see just a normal frontal render?

You should render it so that it looks
like you took a picture of a guitar on
a stand or leaning against a wall.

Then we can see the whole model
and give you better C&C.

Dude, that’s an awesome guitar especially for a first model (and especially for being 15). You might try to smooth some of the obvious areas like the knobs. Use subsurf, then place a loop cut and slide it towards the top of the knob to maintain the shape and size.

Did you model the body with a curve then extrude?

Cool! Could you show the whole model at once in one picture?

[Did you model the body with a curve then extrude?] Yes i did for the lower part of the body. Thank you for the pointers and opinions, i have include the top perspective for those who wanted to see that. I did not change it so that you can see it as it was. I will keep checking if anyone ells wants to say something to help out. Right now i am working on my next pro witch is an animal for an animation. I will make another guitar (gibsons, that Tom Delonge from Blink 182 plays) and put logos and #'s on it, and i will put in every thing that you all said (diferent sized strings)etc. Il post them all to.:slight_smile:

Pic. below /


You need a better lighting setup; the knobs should be more illuminated on the top than the bottom, along with the whole guitar. Right now it looks like the edges of everything are glowing because of that.

Try to position one lamp in such a way that it illuminates everything shown, and disable shadows.