Please create a game asset for the use in the PC game Fallout 4

Could someone please make a 3D model of this women’s wristwatch for use in the PC video game Fallout 4?

It has to be low enough polygon count not to affect performance, but also look decent.

If you’re willing to help, please let me know in the comments.


Do you have any other views of the same watch?

No, improvise in areas that aren’t visible, or use similar watches as a reference.

Can you give more details about the detail. Is this something that will be seen a few feet away on the ground, or something that will be shown in high detail held up to the player’s screen? Context would be useful too, like if it’s on someone’s wrist the inside of the strap won’t need to be modeled, and if it’s on the ground it’ll be in a collapsed pose rather than a perfect circle.

I assume you need textures, do you also need materials, or are they provided by fallout’s game engine?

It can be seen up close or from a fair distance.

Remember, the poly count cannot be too high or else it could crash the game upon loading or cause an infinite loading screen. Although it should have enough poly to look decent.

I’m not sure if textures applied to objects in blender can be transferred over to Fallout. I do know that Fallout uses .dds texture wraps.

The watch face should have a texture of a watch face over it, and not have the hands and everything individually modeled. I made this mistake with the other watch I made, which caused it to have excessively high polygons. The inside of the watch doesn’t need to be modeled because it is covered by the character’s wrist.

Mesh files in Fallout 4 are .nif or .obj, and the game itself uses an advanced version of the gamebryo engine.

Here are two screenshots of an existing in-game watch, but it’s not the style I want.