Please critics! Blender 2.91

Hi! Congratulations to all on the coming New Year!
I will be grateful for the critique of my work. Especially in terms of lighting. Thanks!
Some objects and materials belong Chocofur.

Привіт! Вітаю усіх з прийдешнім Новим Роком!
Буду вдячним за критику моєї роботи. Особливо щодо освітлення. Дякую!


Looks good to me, only the windows are a bit unrealistic, usually the frame section is slightly more complex than that.

I would move the couch away from there. That doesn’t look like a good place to place a couch because of the slope of the ceiling. A person might hurt their head sitting there. The lighting looks great! I’d try adding some volumetrics to bring some life in this scene. I love the textures and they go very well with each other!

I also think to add more brightness to dissolve the window in the light.
Thank you guys for your feedback! :wink:

So the head must be protected! :wink:

Looks very realistic. Well done! My only critique would be the twig in the vase/glass and the couch both look a bit “too smooth” and “too perfect”. Other than that I would maybe turn down the chromatic abberation just a little bit. You could also add a tiny amount of glare/bloom and some lens distortion in post processing. But its already really good!

Thank you for your comments, Dynmmon! I take everything to work. :wink:

Try making the window frames a dark color …

the tables are too square , the leaves are too cutout-looking, and the sofa wrinkles are too soft. Other than that I really like it :+1: