Please critics! Blender 2.91

Hi! Congratulations to all on the coming New Year!
I will be grateful for the critique of my work. Especially in terms of lighting. Thanks!
Some objects and materials belong Chocofur.

Привіт! Вітаю усіх з прийдешнім Новим Роком!
Буду вдячним за критику моєї роботи. Особливо щодо освітлення. Дякую!


Looks good to me, only the windows are a bit unrealistic, usually the frame section is slightly more complex than that.

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I would move the couch away from there. That doesn’t look like a good place to place a couch because of the slope of the ceiling. A person might hurt their head sitting there. The lighting looks great! I’d try adding some volumetrics to bring some life in this scene. I love the textures and they go very well with each other!

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I also think to add more brightness to dissolve the window in the light.
Thank you guys for your feedback! :wink:

So the head must be protected! :wink:

Looks very realistic. Well done! My only critique would be the twig in the vase/glass and the couch both look a bit “too smooth” and “too perfect”. Other than that I would maybe turn down the chromatic abberation just a little bit. You could also add a tiny amount of glare/bloom and some lens distortion in post processing. But its already really good!

Thank you for your comments, Dynmmon! I take everything to work. :wink:

Try making the window frames a dark color …

the tables are too square , the leaves are too cutout-looking, and the sofa wrinkles are too soft. Other than that I really like it :+1:

Love your model. Great work!
Besides the good advice above (and I’m not sure if this is because the image is to small), but I think the edges of the carpet are too “perfect”. Maybe you could add a procedural displacement. Here is a little tutorial:

It might be basic but it helped me a lot.

Thanks, Rodrigo, for the good advice!

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Here is a new update.

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Love what you did with the new light.
One detail I noticed however is that with that change, the illumination of the bottom right corner of the image and it’s assets loosed contrast

But again, the improvement is great

Cool changes. It looks even more realistic. Although never have I ever seen a skylight so big.

There is something I think that I would change that is that thin piece of wall between the windows.

I think it just don’t make sense. Looks like a barrier to make impossible for one person to open both windows at the same time, although they are so near to each other, or a good place more to hit your head against.

I think it would be more pleasing and understandable not to have it there. Just let both windows together. in a big opening in the ceiling.


To me, “the light streaming in through the window and splashing across the floor” was a very important part of the first image which is quite noticeable for being missing in the second one. It also flattered the texture of the throw rug that’s on the footstool. It was a plausible direction for the light from “a bright sunny afternoon” rather than dusk.

You asked for comments about the light, and in both cases I think that the lighting is very clean. It’s got some color to it, there are details in all of the shadows, and nothing is “blown out” although the top of the chair in the second image is beginning to get close. The texture of the Berber carpet is good, asis the wooden floor.

But it still would be impossible to sit on that sofa unless you were a midget!

Thank you all for the advice!
They are very important.
I myself have a lot of comments to myself but I do not know yet how to implement everything correctly. I have to study the blender.