Please critique my model!

I’m modelling this ITT KB Cassette Tape Recorder that my Dad owns.There are a few decals on the surface that I still have to add but I was hoping to get some critique on the model and materials I’ve created so far. I guess the goal is photo-realism so any tips or things I could add to get closer to that goal would be really appreciated. These are just a few quick renders to show how it’s looking currently.
I’d be interested to hear some suggestions of how I could make this look a bit grubbier, I’ve got some roughness textures on the metals but I’m not so sure about how to do dust or dirt if that’s possible.

Thanks so much for your time :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


To me, “dirt is highly over-rated.”

One change I would make is to slightly bevel the control tabs. There should be a slight “dip” between each of them on the top and particularly on the front. To my eye, the assembly right now looks like an oblong box with five colored labels.

Your treatment of the speaker cover is quite nice. The vertically-positioned knobs at the front seem quite nice – harder to see the two horizontal ones from the shots provided.

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small bevels, dust/ fingerprints, a couple of tiny scratches, any button / fader that has been used over 10 years may have chips, paint peeling off, discoloured plastic, grime in cracks etc

look at Toy story 4 for how they aproach little material details (5mins into the clip they start to talk about shaders)

this all depends how old it looks in real life :smile:

lighting with more shadows would be the easiest way to make thing look better

I completely agree with the “dips” on the controls, I’ll definitely add them in. Thanks for taking a look for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice! You’re right the lighting setup doesn’t help sell the photorealism massively so I’ll definitely put more effort into it for the final renders.

Really cool subject to model!
Just coming out as a visual artist and not at all as a pro 3D artist, I would say that the edges are way too sharp. Also I think you should give more volume to the buttons.

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