Please delete my account

I can not find a way to remove my account from BA. Can you please delete my account?


Or you could just not come anymore.

I hope that you realize that your suggestion has nothing to do with what I am asking.

Well, there is no real reason to delete the account, as you can just stop using it. Unless you feel uncomfortable leaving it here to rot and disallowing newcomers your nick.

Yes, I feel uncomfortable leaving my nick here or my name associated with anything B. So without getting into any argument and needing for defending why I want what I want, I would like moderators or admins to delete my account and if possible my messages. It is not about visiting or not visiting the site or the forum I can clearly state that.


Yes, I feel uncomfortable leaving my nick here or my name associated with anything B

By B do you mean blender? if so can you please explain why? I don’t mean to harass I just wondered why someone would not want to be associated with such a great community.

He obviously doesn’t want to discuss his reasons. Maybe he got a job with Autodesk, who knows?

He also obviously doesn’t understand that what you post on the web generally stays on the web.
He should try deleting a facebook account and see where that gets him.

Freen: I use Maya occasionally but I did not get a job at Autodesk. I also do not use face book or social sites.

afalldorf: I do not want to discuss in depth but let me frame it for you. I just do not think that the Open Source movement can achieve the promised goals due to some human error and certain kind of practice.

I also suck at Blender. I cannot do anything with it. I cannot even figure out how to create a simple cube.

Anyways that should be enough for moderators to get my name out of this thing. I need to scrap my name out of this movement and Blender is a good place to start. I have asked gently and articulated the issue clearly.

Hey dont let him go ! Yo blender is awesome ! its got fluid simulations,soft bodies, a game engine compositing and much much more ! is stable is fast and is free !!!

This is the best software i know, i think is better as a software than Photoshop, or any other program out there.

I don’t think adoration is good, but credit and natural excitement is good,
especially since most of the improvements people make for blender are unpaid for.
Everyone here (pretty much) is young with careers ahead of them,
and the more accomplishment/notoriety the better, especially in this field of work.
Even people who’ve work on major movies are in the CG forums:
“Hey I just finished the character modeling for this major movie,
and now that that movie is done I should like another movie to work on!
Yikes, my rent is 6000 a month here in Santa Monica!”

What! :confused:
Dude I use Blender back in 2003 and I was careless to join back than! (((Erere Sh**! why!))
@ TweakingKnobs you get the back door I get the front ! others you know what to do! :evilgrin:
hOo by the way I don`t think I seen any Delete link in this kind for sites/forums
this what you want here you go
this link shows a list of Moderators and Administrators.

There is a thread where you can ask a moderator to change your username. You could ask to change it to something that has no relation to you, then ignore that one…:smiley:

You don’t suck at Blender; you just haven’t learned how to use it yet. It’s not exactly friendly, but when it makes a friend, it usually keeps them for life. :slight_smile:

To add a cube, tap your spacebar. This will open a menu through which you can add a number of different primitives.

Some software can just be opened up and explored. Blender is not one of them, but if you’re willing to invest a little effort in learning how and why Blender does what it does, you may just be surprised. Please take a look at the manual when you have a chance -->

Good day, and good luck.