Please don't feel neglected!

(ton) #1

I’ve got some signals that people here, especially the artists, feel left out in the turmoil of the past week. The conference didn’t provide the internet access we planned, with video accessible difficultly, and no daily articles or reviews published.
Next to that, the code launch caused so much attention, that it seems to be a coders-only project now. :slight_smile:

Especially the lack of internet feedback during the conference is something I really regret. We had planned so much more, but had to fight a lot of other urgent issues. The schedule also whas extremely loaded, with last-minute sessions and speakers dropping in, hardly anyone even had time to sit down and do some reporting.

But we’ll catch up with that. Carsten now is contacting the visitors to collect reports, the video material is being reviewed and edited, and will become available as well.

With the move to, and a signed contract with NaN, we can now also address another issue; getting back all user-content of the old NaN sites. Demos, documentation, tutorials, knowledge base, galleries.
This is an enormous amount of work, for which I prefer to establish a team of volunteers who want to get over that. I’ll post a briefing and ‘call for participation’ later about this. If you’re already interested, just drop me a mail.

We still have to wait for our new server at XS4all to become available. The biggest disaster last week was caused by our old provider suddenly quiting sponsoring. The current temporal server only allows a limited bandwidth. This is solved within 1-2 weeks, after that we can speed up some more.

According the site, the foundation has 3 main goals. The first one has been reached (thanks!). But the actual work now only begins. That’s the second goal, establish good coder/artist services, in the widest sense of the word. That project just started, and will take months to complete. We’ll get there, but please understand that there’s no 25 people company behind Blender anymore, so things might seem to go slow…



(dreamsgate) #2

I’m one of those artist types and I don’t feel negelcted. I’m too excited about everything that is happening. I wish all of us all the best of luck with our new plans.

(S68) #3

I feel more an artist that a programmer, I mean, I think my renderings are better than my codes (Oh G*d :o ) and don’t feel neglected.

We won’t be able to go on creating unless the programmers community grab the Blender source completely, make it compile smoothly on any platform we/they like.

Of course we need to tune on what improvements are needed and mark priorities, but I’m, personally, willing to wait some months (weeks?) to let the code stabilize, clean up, re-organize etc.


(Bapsis) #4

Heya Ton,

Just another artist type here. Trust me, with everything you have done, and tried to do, you have gained alot of respect from myself and thousands upon thousands of people.

Even if things didnt go exactly as you planed (when do they for any of us) I still raise my glass to you my good man!!! :wink:

I’m very greatfull the day Blender came into my life, and the countless hours of joy I’ve had learning and playing.

I think your about the last guy who should be appologising for anything. What you have given us is worth so much to so many!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #5

Ditto to what the others have said.

I am one of the artist types myself and I have lived a better life everyday since I have started to use blender.

Thanks, and I look forward to the things to come.


(iluvblender) #6

likewise my fellow artists, my life has changed since the day i started using blender.

Thank you Ton.

Looking forward to many more miracles from you. :slight_smile:

Satish. (“iluvblender”)

(malefico) #7

Come on ! You’re behaving like a bunch of girls in love ! Be rude guys, let Ton know the anger in our hearts !

BTW, I LOVE U TON !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

malefico (neglected artist, even worse coder)

(Andy Goralczyk) #8

hey… i’m one of those artists, too and i feel really exited about everything what’s happening with blender [that’s why i’ve been at the conference… duh! :wink: ]
i’m using blender for quite a long time now and it has also changed my life, it’s really great to watch it getting better and better… and see how many people from all over the world are connecting to it…
btw… THANKS TON!!!


(mthoenes) #9

Let us know when you have alist of what needs to be done. We will do what we can to help.


CreationAnimation LLC

No 25 people here either…But a lot of enthusiasm

(Xampersand) #10

My coding ability is about nil. However, I don’t feel neglected at all.
I’ve still got plenty to keep me busy with my Founding Member Publisher 2.25.

There’s so much to learn, and so many skills to grow while you coders improve the program. Speaking for myself only, take your time, friends. I haven’t caught up yet!


(cree) #11

Sorry about the lack of feedback, but I personally didn’t want to contribute to the chaos and the load on the servers. There isn’t much you can do to improve Blender, it is already an awesome program. Real world units(i.e. meters and inches) and ability to key in values via keyboard rather than sliders in the “n” menu" would be nice and make it very useful for relative scaling with respect t other objects. Many people want raytracing and better rendering, but personally, I don’t lose sleep over it. I like scanline rendering, it makes my creations look like animations and not photographs. Thanks, Ton , the coders, and the contributors.

(adyus) #12

ability to key in values via keyboard rather than sliders in the “n” menu" would be nice

actually, Blender can already do that. Just press Shift-Click on the value you want to change.

About Ton’s post, all I can say is WOW! I was just talking about the old Nan tutorials and galleries yesterday on another forum! (see coblei)

I think that before us artists can do something…anything in Blender it has to be ready for us. So, the programmers must have a go at it first. Us artists sould imagine that Blender 2.25 Publisher didn’t even come out yet…it’ll come out when the pros finish making it a dream tool.

I suggest we raise Ton’s Forum description (or whatever it’s called) from Blender Guru to GOD!

(cree) #13


ability to key in values via keyboard rather than sliders in the “n” menu" would be nice

actually, Blender can already do that. Just press Shift-Click on the value you want to change.

Thanks. I learn something new every day. Next thing I know, I’ll find out Blender can open soup cans .

(Dittohead) #14

don’t worry ton, it’s all a part of getting blender open source, one step at a time.

there will be a new artist site, i presume.

(blengine) #15

hey take your time
we understand things can go wrong like the provider quitting on ya, and youll need time to fix that stuff
we’re all eager to see what will come next