Please Don't Get Rid of Collada from Blender

The Collada (.dae) format is a universal format for exporting and importing to many 3D applications.

In the latest Blender Podcast Thomas Dinges and Campbell Barton had a good discussion going about Collada support in Blender. They said that the Blender developers are most likely going to get rid of Collada from Blender.

In a nutshell they said the developers are finding it is just too much work to maintain collada as it is always changing so I understand their reasoning for getting rid of Collada, but it still is unfortunate because we will be left with no way to export animation to other 3D applications. Applications such as Vue and others can only import animation using Collada or FBX.

Vue can import FBX but this format is proprietary to Autodesk so we can’t export FBX from Blender.

Anyone else want Collada to stay?

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Pay attention to everything they say in there. The issue isn’t Collada per se… it’s OpenCollada. The plan is to re-evaluate the approach to Collada and take a different approach that doesn’t involve OpenCollada.

totally agree… there are other apps out there that only use collada and fbx as their model input format… ie second life is collada… and also iclone the machinima tool use both collada and fbx as their only import options… if they are removed from blender, blender will lose a lot of new and old clients that have endeavoured to learn blender for those purposes.

The exporter would be replaced by a series of python scripts targeting particular clients. So there would be a separate export script for Second Life, Max, Maya, etc. There would be no import script, which would be a bummer because it would make it hard to plug Blender into a Collada based pipeline. If someone ever managed to put one together.

No final decision has been reached on this yet. They might keep OpenCollada if they manage to get it up to snuff.

As far as I can see as long as we can keep exporting (as mad minstrel says) its fine? TS

I would want the ability to import collada too so I hope they will keep the ability to import and export with collada.

LOLZ and Blender isn’t?? heh heh :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

but yes, keeping Collada support, I think, is rather important.


psd dropped out, collada the next? :frowning:

collada seems just messy to have in C source code, no-one really wants to be the maintainer.
better to have as Python exporter. faster and easier for someone to be addon/plugin maintainer.

Yeah, the problem is python is slow. When I work with say Octane, the scene is exported via obj. With the current python exporter, a full scene can take an hour to export, only to render for a few minutes. And then it starts exporting again for the next frame.

Yep, collada, fbx, obj, they are so key formats, imho… Fbx allows happily to comunicate with other packages, and collada, well is the only import for many game engines, be it the new flash/javascript ones, or native engines…

I’m surprised nobody has pointed this out yet, but: You can export FBX from blender - haven’t you taken a peek into File->Export? The fact that the format is proprietary is not a problem, the problem is that the official FBX SDK license isn’t permissive enough for blender to work with it directly, therefore there is no importer for FBX right now. If someone where to develop one using the SDK, it would have to be a 3rd party addon.[/quote]

Anyone else want Collada to stay?

The problem is that the current OpenCollada implementation is a disaster, and that Collada support across pretty much all programs is terrible. Maintaining OpenCollada in Blender when it causes a lot of users nothing but trouble is not justified. As it has been said, there could exporter scripts for specific use-cases written in Python, which would be much easier to develop and maintain.