Please, enhance the Wings importer

Currently, I model and render in Wings and import a Wings file into Blender and then save out with a special Wintermute Engine compatible 3DS exporter(saves mesh, lights and cameras).

The Wings importer seems to only import the geometry but not the lights or cameras. In Wings, you can save multiple camera positions by selecting “save views”.

So, somewhere down the line, I’d like for the Blender Wings importer to support lights and cameras. Any chance of this happening?

I managed to get a hold of the developer of the Wings importer and while he said that he’d take a look at this matter, I was told that it wouldn’t happen any time soon and probably not at all.

So, either somone will have to step forward to adapt the current Python script or start a new one based on the newest version of Wings. This would probably be a better way to go about it since Wings file format has changed quite a bit since the original was developed.

One other thing…each piece of the imported model will need to have its name intact. So, geometry(with names), all lights(color and range), and all cameras(saved views with correct translation and location) are required. Textures and UVs are not required for my purposes, however if the programmer would want to make this a public plugin, they would probably want that to be included. If not, then there’s no reason to worry about it.


I’d see it quite much easier just to export in a better format like OBJ (supports multiple UVs per vertex, has not a 65.000 tris limit like 3ds, supports better normals, and soon probably blender will support smooth groups (name used by OBJ format, but uis the same internally than Wings hard edges. Hard edges is just a better workflow, but makes internally the same in obj export)) …and generate lights, cameras in Blender. Imho much better, and less headaches.

I’m all about wings modelling, but I prefer Wings make just the modelling, and nothing else… But that maybe is just me.

That’s probably what I’ll have to end up doing, but I thought it would be worth pointing out.