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I made this with Blender Cycles and rendered it with 1000 samples for 3 hours (maybe I’ll rerender it because there still was a lot of noise). Worktime was about 5 hours. I just tried using atmospheric lighting again, for me it works very well with point lamps, which I find weird, because spot lamps are actually the most common for atmospheric lighting (at least from what I’ve noticed).
I would be very grateful if you could tell me how i could improve it in the comments.


Interesting idea and great execution!

A very creative concept… nicely done!

Thank you :slight_smile: I will add a slight bumb map to the keyboard and lower the radius of the DoF to improve it today.

what an awesome idea. there is only thing that i don´t like: now i am wondering about what behind my enter key is.

xD, especially because I modeled my own keyboard here.
I worked on it a little more. I added a staircase in the gap and did a bit more post processing.

ya it’s grand

Not only is the concept clever, but the execution is superb as well (mainly the second image).

Good work.

love it!! I actually like the purity of the first one a bit, maybe just turn down dust bit ever so slightly and centre it closer around door? Staircase brilliant!

Lovely concept, really nice render :slight_smile:

Beautiful execution. I think I preffer the first version. Both of them are great. Good and creative concept. Congratulations!

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: