Please explain how this ragdoll animation was created?


In researching something else I came across a thread pointing to this teddy animation. The thread asked for an explanation of how the .blend works.

I have tried to understand it too, with not much luck.

I am too new. The thread is here:

I see objects with empties attached, and they have blue lines going to the room planes, which have a soft body constraint to reflect soft bodies?

What do the empties do? How are they parented? Why? smile.

Some of the bones have hinge constraints and others have stretching, influence 1 constraints (to follow along, I assume).

Please, help explain any of this .blend if you can, thank you,

What I can tell so far: he first connected the cubes by Hinge constraints, set up a bunch of rigid body physics, then did a Record Game Physics to IPO operation (see the cubes’ complex IPO curves). The empties are children of the cubes and are IK targets for the bones yadda yadda. Still not sure where the softbody deflection comes in…

Thank you, but, lol, always a but… why are there blue lines going from the empties to the room?

I think the softbodies reflection thingy, deflects it when it hits the floor plane. Making it bounce for a bit, then stop. But in the softbody panel, it says the floor is not a softbody, but can reflect softbodies.

Which goes right over me iti head. smile

Blue lines indicate a constraint. In this case, they show the cubes have a rigid body constraint centered on the world origin (not on the room).

I don’t understand why the room is set as a deflector as I see no softbodies or particles in the scene. Maybe it’s something to do with Bullet and rigid body physics?