Please explain me START and END cap in array modifier

Where should I place the origin point to clause my array. I dont success in it (for hour…)

array_start_end.blend (603.3 KB)


To correct your example file, the Origin of StartCap and End Cap must be placed in the same place as your Object Cube.003.

Maybe that can help to understand better … !!

Based on the explanations in the documentation: Start Cap / End Cap
… you will even find an example file at the end of the chapter.

… and this picture that sums it all up … (Source ==> Array Cap Start_End

Thank you for your reply. START and END Cap origin depend of the origin of the main mesh .
Below the correct file when stat and end have different size from the main mesh
Correct_array_start_end.blend (595.0 KB)
In this example, it is easy to put the origine of the start CAP, but ‘more difficult’ for the end cap

:grinning: Everything is a question of the origin of your different objects.

In relation to your first file:

… On the other hand, the origin of your Start and End objects have been defined in the center of the mass. . . therefore not corresponding to the origin of Cube.003.

To correct this, you must correctly define the origins of Start …

… and End.

To put it simply, whatever the size of Start or End, the main thing is not to “move” their Origin.
For Start, do not move the edge loop located on the right
For End, do not move the edge loop located on the left

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You create your main part (Cube.003) and duplicate this object to get your Start and End objects.
They are identical with the same Origin.

From there, you can modify Start and End as you wish, observing these precautions:

  • NEVER modify the Origin.
  • for Start, do not move the edge loop located on the right.
  • for End, do not move the edge loop located on the left.

Hope this can help you understand better … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. In fact, it wasnt so simple (as i thought)