Please fix the floor texture

The floor texture is split into two halves but the right half of it (shown below) is misaligned with the left half. This used to be just one, single, large face that clipped through the round section in the middle, but the individual who textured this split it into two.

I tried repositioning it in the UV editor, but there is a shiny metal section that appears.

I did not texture this project, someone else here on this forum did about 3 years ago…

Could someone either find a way to fix this or retexture the floor and try to replicate the same dirty, gritty, worn and scratched metal loot?!Ap6t_YOv62EQdO83qnbXz5X27xY?e=yWdXNn

So the problem is simple, you got mirror and flipped UV on the floor and if you fix the UV you still got baked elements on it that ar not mirror image, so there are weird square shadows where there should be something. And the center peace is not in center.

So to fix it you need to mirror the setup of elements or separate the floor texture from the rest.

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Alright, can you send me the fixed version?

The node setup is a jumble of nodes that seems to be impossible to untangle.

I did not texture this.

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Thank you!