Please fix the normals on this locomotive

Please fix the normals on this train.!Ap6t_YOv62EQbsEKOjGJyPaHKBs?e=SmPA03

I’m used to 2.79 and recently upgraded to 2.8.

I’m probably doing something wrong, but recalculating normals in 2.8 seems to be awkward and produces errors.

I’ve circled what I want fixed in the two images below, but there are probably others too,so please try to find and fix what you can.

The top stacks on the loco might have some ngons/topology problems that need fixing as well. I’d like everything to be smooth and seamless.

There are quite a few problems with geometry on those meshes, simply recalculating normals won’t help there. A few pieces even look like they need to be remodeled (e.g. cylinders with cuts), or at least have their normals transferred to from simpler objects. And that’s only so far as geometry is concerned. The UVs are mangled, and will cause weird shading seams with the normal maps that you’re using.

In short, there’s a good bit of work to be done there, ~190 objects to be looked at and overall ~250 objects to be “cleaned”. Perhaps someone would still volunteer, but if I were you I’d consider making this a paid job.

Fixing the whole thing would take a lot of time and effort, but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix the things that I have circled.