Please forgive me....

(Freid) #1

okay okay this a wip.
I modelled a lot of stuff with blender for that pic, BUT, i used another renderer : Cararra.

Still, a wip, i’ll post bigger pics later.

(maybe at Amsterdam next Sunday :)))


(kaktuswasse) #2

anyway: THAT ROCKS!!! It’s so realistic. At least at those little
pics :stuck_out_tongue:

want to see bigger ones:D

cya henrik

(Bapsis) #3

Very nice!!! :wink:

You did a good job with the modeling, i dont know how easy to use the Cararra renderer texturers etc…, but that looks fantabulious.!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(stukkm) #4

yeah, i like it. especially the second one. just curious, the car was one of the things made in blender, right?

(Alltaken) #5

whos the babe on the poster.

still waiting for those bigger images.
so i can have a closer look.

at the car!!! at the car!!!


(ec2) #6

I love to see work like this. I love the work in your portfolio too Fried, its great. I really like the Saigneur renderings. How do you set up your bump maps? When do you model details vs. using bump maps? For example the bricks on the caslte/boat (?) Wow. Awsome.

(basse) #7

hey! I checked out your site, nice stuff, but especially… the RESIDENTS! :slight_smile: yeah. I didn’t know there was somebody else out there that knows this unknown band.