Please give a short comment when closing a thread

as I feel it is as rude as closing the door in front of someones face without mumbling an excuse.
Other could get at least a grasp why you close the thread.

I don´t have any notion why some threads have been closed. Example:

The thread is absolutely harmless and just because some moderator thinks it´s pointless, that should not be any reason to close it. What do you think?

My guess - wrong forum.

Although it’s called “news and discussion” it really means discussing “news” related to Blender and other “items of interest” to do with Blender (meetings etc)… but not technical discussions which should usually be in support forum (there’s a fair bit of moderator discretion with regard to which threads stay open). The problem is, no support forum seems to be “right” for general hardware questions.

Sometimes reasons for closures are obvious but there are definitely times when a short comment from the mod might prove useful.

Indeed. The current rule for us admins/mods, if the post is in the wrong forum, it is to be locked. We would spend all friggin day moving posts around here, so it’s just easier to lock them.

Granted, I typically do post some kind of a comment when I do it.


I feel a lock comming on :wink:

Threads like this should be placed in Website & Forum, since this question and comments is related to usage of this forum, not in Off-Topic forum, and as BgDM says, it is correct.

So I lock this which is rather obivius to the author of this thread.