Please Give Ideas to improve my walkcycle

Hi all
I have created a walk cycle for my character frogsu. I created shape keys so when Left Leg is up then the body weight shows left side and same for right leg. Its is a small file 2 second for only 243 kb.
Please view and download the avi and give some suggestions.
Video Link is here

LOLOLOLOL!! Sorry but I burst out laughing for about a minute when I saw that.
Okay down to business:For one, frogs aren’t built to walk and neither is yours. (They hop)
Ways to fix it… make him walk upright would fix alot of things
Or using the model as is, have him put his front hands down, then hop forward putting his weight on the front “hands” then have him “Hop” frward with his back two legs. Other than that I’ll have to think about it.

They are not frog. Frogsu This is Frog looking chacter and trying to walk like men. Some time they will jump also. My idea that there will be a big family. Their Eyes are different. I want to cash your laugh
Thanks for advise. Please give some more advise.
Other Link for this is here

Any more idea please

I agree that it needs to walk more up straight. It looks like it should tip over now.

ya his weight distribution… walking like that wouldn’t be possible. To see that, all you have to do is lean forward until you are almost paralell with the ground, but not using your hands, and then walk across the floor :smiley: it’s impossible, and the same is true with your frog. But he’s a great model :slight_smile: keep it up!

Many Many thanks for reply. Frogsu is not frog. In the next reply I will change according to the suggesions. Please keep giving the idea. Thanks.
Please see another view. Plesae download mpg file. It is only 515 KB

Take a look at Bassam’s tutorial on how to animate feet:

He has such huge long legs…it would be like us trying to walk russian dance style…in a squat. I think he should like lunge and leap, changing his head wildly in elevation, and a very funny kind of toon-style walk, where each step he stretches out his leg.

Clearly you need more movement then just a little bend at the knees.

If you consider a human walk cycle with the right leg leading, the Right knee bends and the foot rises with the toes /ankle going from horizonal to a downwards angle. Body weight is shifted to the left leg, and that weight is gradually shifted to the balls of your feet; your ‘pushing force’.

The left leg will straighten, body mass will shift forward also. As you go to the ball of your feet for the ‘push’, your general hight is elivated. As you land and weight is shifted to the right leg, your body lowers, and the cycle repeats.

I’m not going to list every little detail ^, but tell me. what does you character do? It’s basically got one join moving up and down and the whole object is moving forward while this action is going on. There is no actual shift in mass from one point to another. Additionally, you’ve got the ‘shoulders’ with no association to leg movement (technically shoulder movement wouldnt apply to a frog, more so to it’s hips)

All i can suggest to you is to watch videos of frogs hopping, look closely at how their legs move and bend. If you want to get a nice look at a frog’s bone structure you can actually buy frog’s bones sealed in a clear plastic brick.

makwing correct leg movement of a frog’s hop and applying that to one leg at a time on your moddel should do the effect of a frog walking like a human-ish.

Many Many thanks for suggesions. I will implement in the next version.

i agree with some of the others here when they say there’s no weight distrobution. looks like you didn’t animate the cog (hips) at all. A quick walk, but it needs the hips to move the same. Start with up-and-down movement, get that looking good, then add in side-to-side. Get that looking good, then add a slight bank where appropriate. This is one often-overlooked part of walk cycles, but it’s a very important part.

I have done some changes according to the suggesions. Please see this.
Plesae give some more ideas.

You have some weird deformations going on in the buttocks.
Now to the walkcycle: Your figure lacks weight. You have a nice little walk there but it seems as if your frogthingy doesn’t weigh anything or defys gravity. Think about where weights shift on the body when it walks and what secondary motion goes along with it.

Could you make one from a side-ortho view? We could analyze it more accurately.

Here’s a quick scribble of what I think the frog could be doing. I simplified his COG to a sphere. I drew in a motion path where the COG should go. Its hardly accurate, but I think the concept is there.
I recommend you find a copy of the preston blair animation book. He’ll explain it better than me.

Oh and I think at that frame the trailing foot would still be on the ground.

I have changed the view of walk cycle.
Please see this
and give your valuable idea.

Still the same problem. Your character lacks weight.
See the attachement for a schematic walkcycle of a figure with two legs.
As you can see on the down phase the character transfer its weight on the front leg and on the pass position the weight rests on the front leg. During the up position the weight gets shifted towards the front and the character seems to fall over but the fron leg takes over the weight keeping the person from falling over. So basically walking is nothing but falling over in a controlled manner. It will result in the wave like motion indicated with the lines.


Many Many thanks for the guidance. I got a big homework to do.

you really need to straiten his legs. ATM he is shuffling along and his hips are moving in a very unnatural movement they shouldnt be moving up and down like that