Please go easy on the addon developers

I just noticed that a mat lib that I use, and like very much received a 2 star rating from a user who was upset because baking functionality had not yet been implemented, which is the case with some of the smart materials in general. There was only one other rating, so the products overall score took a nose dive. There was absolutely nothing actually wrong with the material. Please consider that your ratings can have a profound effect on sales, which in many cases directly benefit the blender foundation. 2 stars says “this sucks”. Please don’t trash peoples hard work just because you didn’t find it to be perfectly to your liking. The addon is “pro metals”, which is awesome, and in the latest version does in fact have baking functionality. If you ever buy a copy, please give the guy a fair rating!


Thank you for saying this :slight_smile:

People like this are very inconsiderate, I’d even say selfish. I had someone leave a one star review on an un-reviewed product during the Blender Market summer sale simply because they couldn’t figure out how to install the addon. I usually make 70-80 dollars the week of the summer sale- money that helped me pay rent back in my starving college student days- this one review dropped my total revenue for that week down to 20 dollars. Fortunately I was able to get the review removed, but not before it cost me 75% of my revenue on the most profitable week of the year.

Bad reviews are poison. Even if you don’t like an add-on or are frustrated with a missing feature, please consider the person who made it is probably making just a handful of sales a month and your one bad review could seriously affect one of their income streams.


More than half of the community are armatures and some of them are kids. Just take it as comment from a learning student. Addons make a lot of peoples lives easy. This is my own opinion. Thanks

I agree with you. I love addon’s and see many times comments /ratings on some where I just shake my head. A few days ago I was just on Blender market again to empty a bit my wishlist and read on one particular plug in which I was just buying that some trash it because to heavy for their PC…
Don’t get this. Is this the fault of the creator from this plug in? And if not, why trash this product ? (Which is btw awesome) . people need to grow up.


I quite agree. Welcome to BlenderArtists!


Thank you. I do not write often. More the reader. But sometimes, yep .

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