Please guys in really need your help (spiderman pattern)

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I design cosplay costumes and would like to be able to wrap the patterns around a 3d model in blender for advertising purposes. The problem is i have no idea about mapping a wrapping a pattern on a new model. I was hoping that some kind professional out there would help me out. I have included images of the model im using and the pattern plus the layout of the pattern on its wearer. Please i really hope someone can help me.

Thanks so much


Where’s the blend file??

Hi RC12, Heres a link to in on my googledrive

you need help in marking seams so it splits open to match the pattern?

Please attach the .blend file

spideymodel.blend (713 KB)

did that work with the attachment?

Yeah thats what i need. Can you help?