Please help a blender noob out!

Hey all! I just started using Blender yesterday, I think it’s great so far but I’m still so confused. I’m having a big problem with it, though, which is why I registered here: whenever I try selecting a specific vertex / line, if I don’t click exactly on it to the pixel, then Blender instead selects another pixel/line that’s ridiculously far from the one I wanted - not necessarily even being close to it in the camera view. It’s driving me insane! How can I fix that?

Someone else had this problem about a month ago and I think he resolved it by turning off the mouse cursor-shadow or something stupid like that (but I can’t find the thread now). Use Z to get to wireframe mode (or select it in the header) and see if it helps. Other things you can try is setting the Display colors to 32 or 16 bit and/or changing the Hardware Acceleration setting and updating the drivers for your video card. If you can’t solve the prob with the above it would help to know what video card you have.


If Anti-Aliasing is turned on, that can screw up selections also. Off is better.

Yay, turning off cursor shadows worked. Thanks!

But, I have a new question now:
I have my UI set to the ‘Rounded’ theme, because it looks alot nicer. However, whenever I open a menu, it leaves behind a temporary black rectangle where it was when I close it. It doesn’t affect anything, but it looks hella annoying. I have a picture of it at

My video card is an nVidia GeForce FX 5200. Is there any way to fix this?

Arrgh, turning off cursor shadows doesn’t quite fix it all. I still have a problem of selecting random extra vertices when I select things with ‘b’, for instance.