Please help. Action problems etc.

Hello. I’m quite new to Blender so don’t expect me to have done everything correctly, but i’m sure most of it, is.

So I have some problems with my animations i’ve made for a character (in different actions). I have a total of 8 actions that I worked on step by step. When I was done with action 1. I went on with action 2, and so on… ( I also saved each of them as different .blend files to be safer if something like this happened!.) So when i was done with all of the 8 animations, I went ahead to review the 2nd Action, nothing showed, the keyframes of the animation was gone. Same with the 4th and 7th action. But when I go back to the .blend file where I made it, it’s fully there, but not on the .blend file where I have and want all of my actions.

Also the second problem/question I have is about moving all the 8 actions into 1 action. Why I want to do this is because i’m planning to import them into Unity3D and a tutorial I was watching had this as a requirement. Also please tell me if it’s better to have the animations in different actions when importing to Unity3D, if so. I’d only have to import the working actions from the others .blend into the same .blend file wich I don’t know how to do.

With much love and frustration, Mereboll. ^^

When you have created an action give it a fake user (F button next to its name in the action editor) to ensure you don’t lose it when you create a new action.
You can append action from a saved blend file into your current blend file using the File / Append menu (Shift+F1) See