(rep-re-crea) #1

it feels like i ask alot of you guys each time…but well here goes…again. :slight_smile:

i have made my char (a little fly with a torch) and i gave him an edge it renders every face with an edge…i tried everyones previous ideas but no luck.
and i was wondering if i would need python skills…all you do in this little game is find all the hidden cookie pieces to win and batteries to keep your torch alight…may sound babyish but it will be good…promise!
rep :wink:

(Pooba) #2

I don’t really understand what you mean by an “edge” could you be a bit mor clear?

(rep-re-crea) #3

the cartoon edge facility…that makes a black outline around your object.

(saluk) #4

This only works in rendering mode! I think pooba mentioned in another thread to you about how to make a cartoon edge. But you cant do it the way you are trying, it only works if you want to render stills or animation.

(cluh) #5

How other people did it in the game engine is:
On the objects you want the outline on, you Duplicate the mesh, scale it up a little, reverse its normals, and make it the color you want your outline to be. The problem with this is if your do this to all objects you double the vertices, so try not to use it much.

(rep-re-crea) #6

thats the problem i thought i would have…because i wanted all my objects to have an out line…doesn’t matter really as long as my character has it the game will be fine…lol
oh by the way how can i check the amount polygons being used???
thankz for the help!

(joecool) #7

Press Ctrl Up and it will be in the top right corner