Please help! Attached my issue. Very Basic Question.


I’m creating a sink and faucet. See attached. For the faucet I used a cylinder, and extruded as necessary to create this shape. I’d extrude, rotate face, extrude, etc.

I don’t have any doubles, it’s pretty clean.

The faucet on the left (as you look at it) I just turned on Set Smooth, but even when I turn on Set Solid, I still get all those tiny black lines.

The faucet on the right, is the same as above with a SubSurf.

I’ve had this problem with anything round and organic, never anything straight and rigid. I don’t get this ugliness with Nurbs, but I’d rather not have to turn to Nurbs everytime.

NOTE: I tried removing doubles via the W key. I also tried CTRL+N to recalculate normals.

What the heck am I doing wrong!?


your in the rong forum, but you can fix it by going in edit mode and clicking here:

then flip normals so all the lines point out.

Ring forum? Huh?

Anyhow, it worked, you are awesome! Thanks!! :p:p:p