Please Help!!! Blender don't work with Windows XP

(Michail) #1


I installed Blender Creator 2.23.
At start of Blender comes the CMD(Console or DOS)-window and at 3 seconds all windows are closed.
I tried to install the Blender 2.11.
The result is the same.
But this time at the CMD-window there is the text:
“‘import site’ failed”.

The grafik adapter is ATI Radeon 8500 LE from Supergrace
with full Open GL and Direct X support.
I use the adapter since 10 month with another 3d programs
and I had not problem.

How can I solve the problem?

(Idgas) #2

i use xp and it works here. Sorry thats not much help.

(Dittohead) #3

ATI does NOT support openGL. at least not fully. they say they do, but they don’t

The only thing i can thick of is goto: they have drivers for opengl for ati cards, i hope that helps!!!

(E=Mc²) #4

Yup, Blender works fine on xp for me as well however it does handle displays a bit different im not sure of the problem you are having (not enough info) but if it worked for you on win 98 then you can run blender in compatability mode to do this Single Right click on the blender.exe and go to the new compatability tab at the top then about mid way down put a check in the box that says run this program in compatability mode for and select win 98 hope this works for you if not try to get some more info

(Michail) #5

What of kind of information exactly is important?

(Michail) #6

Unfortunately the GLSetup driver don’t support exactly the new Radeon 8500 cards :frowning:
The last release of the driver dated with 17 September 2001 but ATI produces the Radeon 8500 since Oktober 2001.