Please help, blenders screwd up

Hi, ive ben using blender for over a year and had no plroblems, but now i bought a new coputer system and blender is going all wonkie, it could be the video card, but i have all drivers updated, even the motherboard,
What hapens is that when i open it up, everything is fine as normal, but as soon as i move the couser over a butten, the scrren does slant or somthing (pics included) it did the same with lots of the older versions to, here are also some system spec, if it helps,


Let me guess the manufacturer :slight_smile:

HAHAHA, no its not a seanix, just to let you know, it is actuely an asus, thats just the copy i activated it from.

I thought of the video card. I guessed “ATI” and your last picture, which I viewed afterwards, told me I am right.

ATI + Blender is a sometimes-not-that-well-working combination. See e.g. here.

thanks, il see if it works

Holyyyyy shytttt, it actuely works, If anyone ells has this problem do the same