please help, cant open Blender no more, error!!!

I dont know what is happening. My PC just wont open blender anymore. It sais it encountered a problem and it must be closed. What should i do?

Perhaps you have a bad .B.blend file. By default it is at C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender. Note that if you delete this, all your settings will be lost.

I didnt delet anything, it just stoped opening all my blender files.
Today I unistalled and then reinstalled blender. Still not working.

In the report about the error that is being sent to Microsoft there is something about an adress:

and a file:


I dont understand any of this - computers are not my thing
Please help me i dont know what to do.

Egan is suggesting that you delete the .b.blend file, which only stores user defaults. Blender will recreate the missing .B.blend on startup.

The file appcompat.txt is just the error report that gets sent to Microsoft if you click “Send to Microsoft”. It might be worth looking inside to see what program is causing the crash, but it isn’t the cause of your problems.