[PLEASE HELP] Character jump....

Hello everyone !! :cool:

I’m having a problem (obviously…) :

I’m making a game and I finished the movement of the character except from the jump. When I try to jump against a wall, then my character stacks on the wall. I tried to handle it with some empties and rays but still is not perfect.

Could anyone please tell me a way of making a character jump even against a wall with no any problem ??

Perhaps you could post an image or a .blend of the problem you’re trying to solve?

Yea same as Lakitu says it is really confusing how you are describing it a picture or .blend would be best.

When I’m trying to jump against a wall while pressing the forward key (“W” in my situation…), the character stacks on the wall until I stop pressing the forward key…

Do I have to place some rays to detect wall ??

Please help me!!

I believe you need to drop the friction in the character’s material, though I’m not sure if this is a permanent fix, or just one that ‘works’.

Thank you very much SolarLune! I’m gonna try your solution… I really hope it works…

Another solution would be to only allow walking movement when he’s on the ground. I also don’t think friction can be changed in the game engine.

Friction is in the material settings, under the DYN button.

I agree with you Lakitu and I have already tried this… Actually it can be done if I just put a collision sensor but then I will have to separate the walls and this is very hard and it will increase the faces of the scene too… So the only solution was with an empty parented with my character and then on the empty a ray sensor pointing down… But unfortunately neither that worked…(I don’t know why…:eek:) I read that it could be achieved with “RAYCAST” but I really don’t know what is that…

Please tell me if you know what raycast is and how it can my situation…