Please help! (Crawling, climbing)

Hello, everyone. :slight_smile:

I am making a game for the 2012 Summer Blender Game Competition.

It is a side scroller.

This is being made in blender 2.61

But I am having 2 problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

#1 is crawling. If my character is 2 Blender Units high and I wanted him to go through a 1 BU high space, I would make him crawl. (Genius, no? :eyebrowlift: ) But I am not sure how to go about this. :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking shapekeys to change the shape of the physics cube(character) but that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

#2 is climbing up a ledge (not up a rope or wall of vines). I made it so that the player can hang onto the ledge and whenever you press W key then he climbs up. I can animate him getting up there, but how do I get the physics cube up there? I was thinking of animating the cube and then clicking “Add” on the Action Actuator… But it gives me loads of problems so I was wondering if there would be a better way to do that? Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Quick thoughts on 1:

Have you tried changing the collision bounds? I did a quick test and most scale to the object and its orientation. You can visualise the collision hull from the ‘game’ menu.

Um. I just tried activating the physics vis and discovered that the bounding box stay standing up while the visible mesh changes via the shapekeys. :stuck_out_tongue: Is there anyway to change that?

Or just rotate the collision box in horizontal position (just how the character rotate to horizontal position while crawling).

LaH, I will try that… Now what about my 2nd question?

Okay, after trying several things, neither my climbing nor my crawling was working so I got frustrated and deleted almost all the code that had to do with those two things…

So, does anyone else have any other suggestions as to how I could make crawling and climbing?

for climbing i would

if collide with ladder/rope true and holding whatever key
____position z+ or move z+

or some variation, I would try something like this, but im not very experienced.

So, I am a noob at all of this, but I thought I would try to help: For climbing- I assume you are using an invisible bounding box and then the character that is animated. If you are, then I figure you could have the bounding box that is connected to the ledge or whatever move location up z and forward y, so it kinda teleports up and over the ledge, while your character teleports (just in the animation he appears) down and back the exact same amount, just negative, that your bounding box moves. And then the animation of him climbing up from the new position and into your bounding box. So, during the game you will see no teleporting of any object, just your bounding box moves up the ledge and your character just looks like he climbs up. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I hope it helps at least give you an idea. Not sure about the whole crawling thing though.

I have a char that wants to go under a bridge …
is there from August: D
I found a dirty trick (a kind of bug), but then I changed radius of collision, and do not work anymore :smiley:

Both issues are requested and answered multiple times. I do not have any links but you can search for them.