Please help! DupliVert frustrations!

:mad: I feel like throwing something very large and heavy at my wall right about now. I’ve spent the last few hours agonizing over the torturous puzzle that is Blender’s DupliVert function.

It’s a great function in theory, but I can’t get it to work for the life of me! Yes, I’ve read the tutorials and watched the videos. But as soon as I fix one problem, another one pops up. Here are the two that are bugging me right now.

  1. Right now, parenting a simple object to a circle is causing the first object to be flattened to the plane of the circle. This wasn’t happening before and, as far as I can tell, still shouldn’t be happening.

  2. Sometimes, I can get simple meshes to DupliVert correctly. However, the object I need to DupliVert for my current project–which is really just a tall cube with a few minor extrusions–is refusing to work properly with the “Rot” function. Yes, I’ve used ctrl-A to make sure the local axes are pointing the right ways, etc.

I would GREATLY appreciate any and all help on this. By the way, special thanks to Greybeard because his video tutorial is the one thing that’s gotten me the closest to getting this to work.

Thanks in advance!

Following the Wiki-tutorial gives me the expected results.

  1. Shouldn’t happen. Check the object centers, maybe that’s causing it

  2. Simple or complicated meshes shouldn’t make a difference. Be sure to check the object axis are correct.

Check your normal of the mesh holding the duplivert.
Check if you axis buttons (top of the Animation panel in object button). are set up correcty. (the x,y,z,-x,-y,-z) thing.
I can get damn hard if you don’t know which axis point up.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Unfortunately, the axes are set up correctly; I’ve checked and double-checked them for both objects.

You’re right, SoftWork; #1 shouldn’t be happening, but it still is. The object centers don’t seem to be causing the problem; moving the centers to various positions doesn’t solve the problem. I also agree that the complexity of the object shouldn’t make a difference.

Gabio, the parent mesh is a hexagon without faces; therefore it has no normal, as such. But I’ve checked the VNormals, and they face straight outwards on the x-y plane, as they should.

As far as the axis buttons go–won’t they only be of use to me once I can get the objects to parent properly? And the whole axis-pointing-up thing, well, no need to fear. I’m well aware that the z-axis points up, so no need to get “hard” on me. Although I’m sure some noob who DIDN’T know this would find it most unhelpful if you did go “hard” on them.

Has anyone ever had trouble with a 3D object flattening into a 2D object to which it’s parented?

(By the way, I have used the wiki tutorial, SoftWork, but I usually achieve wildly different results.)

Could you perhaps share a .blend file?

Don’t know if this helps but i recently had weird results with duplivert as well (especially with the ‘Rot’ function). The solution that worked for me was to recreate the Parent object. In my case it was a basic shape so it was quick and easy…
No idea if it was my mistake or a bug in Blender… :rolleyes: