Please Help! Edgelooping,Facemodeling: Stuck In A 2D Place

This is a double posting, sorry. I generally frown upon the practice, but my friend’s net connection is incredibly tenuous, and could go any minute. I originally posted this a few minutes ago at in the Tutorials section, since my problem involves the tutorial in that 2-years-and-still-going thread. But then I thought it might be more appropriate to bring my query to the Modeling Support section of the forum. Clarification regarding the proper place for this will help avoid future double-posting on my part. Thanks for understanding. HUGS Rachel

Dear all,

Hi everyone, how are you? I have a problem that I really need some help with.

I’ve been attempting to do the face modeling tutorial from this long-running thread ‘A Better Face Tutorial’ :
(see the thread here: ). I have meticulously read through all the 15 pages worth of posts in this thread, in an attempt to see if the problem I’m having has already been addressed previously (it has not yet been addressed, it turns out).

  1. I start out with my basic cube, go into Edit Mode, and delete all vertices except one.

  2. I load my background image - I decided to use the one given at the beginning of the tutorial [loops.jpg]. Granted it’s a bit of a cheat but then again it’s my first time learning this. So, I’m ready to go.

  3. Then using edgeloops (CTRL + LMB), I trace the looking-forward face (left side of the background image) in accordance with the loops.jpg background image, putting the vertices where it shows me to and so forth.

  4. Once that’s done, I methodically select 4 vertices at a time and use the F Key to add Faces (in accordance with the second tutorial image, loopsfill.jpg). All is well so far!

  5. Once this is done, I exit from Edit Mode, deselect this first mesh object, and then repeat all of the above steps for the left-side-view face (the right side of the background image), thereby creating a second mesh.

Now we have a problem. If I rotate with my mouse around these objects, it quickly becomes very clear that they are FLAT - two-dimensional, with no depth to them. Extruding gets me nowhere fast. Also I haven’t the slightest idea where or how to join the two mesh objects I’ve created so far together so that they properly make at least HALF a face. I know how to join meshes (CTRL + J) but it’s not enough to know that - I don’t know how the two pieces I’ve created go together properly to make half of a 3 dimensional face.

(Previously, I watched the acclaimed Adrianna xvid tutorial and I did attempt the two-window idea, i.e. as you create your edgeloops in the one window tracing, say, the front-view face, you can see the edgeloops matching up perfectly with the left-side-view face in the other window.

This attempt failed, because I could not get the initial vertice to be in the proper place in both windows simultaneously. But it scarcely matters, since even if the initial vertice had matched up where it should be in both windows somehow, I would still end up creating flat, 2D mesh objects, which is what I have now and of course doesn’t help.)

So there you have it. My two objects have no depth (they’re completely flat, 2D), and I also don’t know how these two objects will fit together to accomplish the goal of the tutorial. There’s a step (or two) that I am obviously missing, and since no one else seems to have had this problem yet, I can only assume that it is a very noobish one.

Here is a link to my .blend file (I’ve named it frustatingproject_face.blend).…ject_face.html

I have packed the file, so the background image (loops.jpg) should be in it with no problem. Any and all assistance with this will be very much appreciated. I feel as though (at least in this area) I’m on the threshold of major progress out of noobishness, but this damn thing is holding me back! Thanks in advance.


Rachel :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve downloaded your blend and I see your problem…

You’ve created two separate meshes (one front view and one side view) - when you should only create ONE. (You’re also probably confusing yourself by using the top view to edit)

The adrianna tutorial shows this quite well - the left window is in FRONT view, the right window is in SIDE view and the vertexes in each view are part of the same mesh, not two different ones.

I appreciate that using the one image from the tutorial is confusing, since it shows both views on a single image.

You don’t need to combine the two meshes, you need to edit one of your meshes and move the points in SIDE view to match the side view in the background image. You’ll need to refer to the FRONT view to select the vertexes, and to know which ones you’re moving.

I’ve removed a mesh, rotated the other to face front and fixed the depth of the vertexes in side view - (I’ve also set up a basic 3 pt lighting and set rendering w/ ambient occlusion)

A lot more work is required before this looks like a face, rather than a rough mask - but hopefully it should help you out of your rut.

Medains, THANK YOU. :slight_smile: I really appreciate this, really I do. I’ll post asap (that is, when I next have the opportunity to come online) and let you know how things are going with this project.


Rachel :slight_smile: