Please help! EDIT - Problem Fixed!

Computers are great most of the time. Then there are those few moments when they are a pain in the a**. This is one of those times.

I was playing a game when all of a sudden I got the blue screen of death and my computer shut down. I have never gotten the bluescreen on my new computer, nor has it ever crashed. It then restarted and brought up a menu saying that my computer failed to boot normally. It gave me the following boot options:

Safe Mode.

Safe Mode Networking.

Safe Mode Command Promt.

Boot Windows to last know good configuration.

Boot Windows normally.

Well, when I choose one of those options, it will just restart and give me that menu again. I can’t actaully get Windows to start. My computer has never given me this kind of trouble. Reinstalling Windows isn’t an option right now either. I can’t lose all my data on my hard drive.

This just ruined my day. If anyone knows how I can fix this please say so! I have to get this computer running.

You could try to make a bootdisk and backup your data.

Do you happen to remember what was written on the blue screen of death?

Did you try the Safe Mode? See if you can get window to boot in safe mode. Then you’ll know if it is a driver problem ( I think).

Also, if you have your windows disk, you can boot from that, and run a repair. That might work.

You could also do like BeBraw said, and boot from a bootable disk (like a liveCD of Linux) and burn your data and re-install windows if all else fails.

I tried Safe Mode. I still wouldn’t boot Windows. :frowning:

Check to see if your HD is receiving electricity.
Sometime power jacks in your computer case tend to get loose with time and move to the point where there is no more contact.
Change the power cable that connects to your HD to rule out that option.
I hope it will solve your problem :frowning:

i would reconnect all the cables inside your case, and also possibly reseat the ram and cpu if you get desperate (cpu as a last resort because you don’t want to mess with the goo between chip and heatsink)

good luck!

Try entering the cammand prompt. But your going to need to learn some cammands to do so.

If it proves to be impossible to get it started without reformatting the hard drive, get a Knoppix Linux disc first and use it to back up data before your format. Knoppix runs off the CD and is excellent for rescuing files.

One problem might be that I overclocked my graphics card. I have an nVidia GeForce 6800 GT which I manually overclocked. When I was playing the game it might have randomly overheated. There was a button you could press when you restart to reset the CPU to stock speeds if a problem arose. But I can’t remember what the key is. Anyone here know what it is?

Still trying to narrow this down. :<

Sounds like it could be a hardware problem. You were stressing the computer with that game when it went, maybe that killed something. This wouldn’t necessarily completely kill your computer, but may cause the kind of problems you are experiencing.


Try a Linux livecd, if it succeeds to boot then the problem is most likely with windows, and a reinstall may be in order (you can do the repair option, which reinstalls windows and saves your data).

If Linux fails to boot the you have a hardware failure, and you need to try plugging everything anew as suggested aboove. If that doesn’t work try swapping out components (starting with the graphics card (most stressed by a game)).

That should lead you to the source of your problem.


Edit: reading your last post it seems likely it is the graphics card, 6800GTs run hot (I’ve got one). Google that reset, but if that doesn’t work you may have to replace the card. Still try the above procedure, but I reckon it’s the graphics card.

Oh yea, i tried the Automated System Recovery, but it said I needed an ASR floppy disk which I don’t have. :frowning:

Anyone know that GPU reset key?

I know how you feel, I had this problem also a while ago, it kept me bussy for like 4 months to find on my own the problem. Even proffesional pc bisness shops didn’t find the problem. Anyways if you talk about what I have encounterd.
Ok here it comes, beware the amount of text, but I think worth a read.

It began with that my computer suddenly rebooted while playing a game, doing some painting or else. I turned on my computer, I saw the computer being bussy on the leds, but it didn’t made a zoom sounds like when the HD starts to run and loads windows.

Anyways I had to reset the computer, even resetting didn’t worked, I ahd to push the big button and reboot it that way. Sometimes like 5 or 10 times before it came back in windows.

Afther 1 week I was sick of this and a lot of people had taken a lok at my pc and didn’t find anything. Afther this it kept showing blue screens afther like 4 hours to be turned on. Sumple memory leak blue screens or the famous x020359748975864 error blue screens.
A lot of people told me it could be the Ram memory cards that could be of poor quality and give up life, videocard that was broken, powersupply that couldn’t give enough power of was broken, fans that didn’t gave enough cooling, HD failures and a lot more. But google found something I didn’t know off.

I searched for broken or old cilinder stuff things on you Motherboard. Those things can get fatter afther time andlook like they can explode. THis causes instable motherboard which causes a lot of problems, like blue screens and such.
Anyways I screwed open my systembox and saw indeed that those things where, well close to exploding. I replaced my mobo with another and fixed was the problem.

Before I actually found out about that, I reinstalled windows like 8 times, installed different linux things on it, did use some system checkers that run like 12 hours to find pc failures, and a lot more. Actually the program that checked my complete system found something about a memory test problem but afther all it was the instability of the energy being managed on my mobo caused by those cilinder things, darn things

Anyways those where the problem. :slight_smile: I would suggest to try out replacing things piece my piece and check the pc if something changes. I would start with your memory and mobo. simply just find a friend who wants to give ti for a few hours to you. :wink:

Ooh btw, the problem about those cilinder things, is was a well known problem on the k7 something ASUS motherboards. I have seen horror like photo’s of those things being exploded, yes no joke. Complete mobo’s burned by the pasta in those cilinder things, and then it’s over. I also was able to call the company and ask some new clinder things to replace by myself, I got those for free. :smiley:

cylinder things? Do you mean the battery? Or the black tubes that are all over the place. What exactly do you mean?

I am going to try to put in a new graphics card and see if it will do anything. I hope the GPU i am using now didn’t fry, because it cost a lot! I would think that if it were broken, it wouldn’t display any picture at all.

He means the capacitors. After reading what he said I had this problem before as well.

It is caused by the base unit getting to hot and eventually blowing the capacitors. Check to see of a orange powder is appearing from them.

This is probably caused by your graphics card getting so hot, I suggest after getting a new motherboard (if that is the problem) you get a fan to suck the hot air out.

What he was meaning is that certain motherboards have been having problems with thier capacitors. I woul try googling the make of your motherboard to check if it is one of them, but it probably isn’t very likely.

In a situation like this there are several things that need trying:

  1. You can work out whether it is a hardware or a software problem by using a livecd as people above had said.

  2. If it is a hardware problem, you should try swapping out all the pieces of your system, one at a time to see what it is that is preventing it from booting (I’d start with RAM and Graphics Card, these are the ones that would cause failures at that stage of boot up most likely)

  3. If it is software, then get hold of a rescue floppy and try doing that, else copy stuff off as the others have said and reinstall. WIth windows, you should be expecting to reinstall every 6 months if you are careful about not gettnig any spyware.

Good luck (-;


Ok, I think i figured out what was wrong. I first replaced the graphics card and that did nothing. I then took out two RAM modules and it booted right up. :stuck_out_tongue: I put one module back in and nothing appeared on the screen at all. With all 4 modules in place, I get the error I started with. But with only two, it works fine.

Still haven’t figured out if the RAM is bad or if one or both of the mobo slots is dead. Either way, something expensive got damaged. I have no idea how it could have happend, but I am just glad to have everything working.

Now, time to make a nice HD backup. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything seams to be working fine. I am going to try to figure out if it is a bad mobo or bad RAM. I’m hoping it’s the mobo because I was planning to upgrade soon and I just bought that new RAM. But I can live with only 1 Gig for the time being. Anyone know what might have caused this problem to happen in the first place? Was it a power spike?

take out the two memory modules you have in there that are working, and plug in the two that weren’t working in their places. Should tekk you if it’s the memory module or the slot that’s broked.

If it’s the memory module, try other combinations to see which of the pair is broken.

Lastly, grab memtest86 and test the working modules - don’t want to find out that whatever broke the broken one damaged the others too…

Yea, I am going to do that later. I will try that memtest.