Hello i am making a game in blender game engine, the point is that i find a lot of tutorials for 2.49 but none od 2.5, i am guiding myself by a game kit of 2.49, but the buttons and some functions are no longer compatible, for example, i am using the edit add object actuator, for a bullet that has to shoot, but it doesnt works, i am completely tired of trying new combinations of keyboard to discover how to do it, can someone help me with this actuator or better send me the link for blender game engine books or detailed tutorials for blender game engine 2.5??? Please… Juanc

Search to youtube. Alot of tuts is about bge basics. Search for “ira krakow bge tutorial” that’s where i learned logic bricks(you should use python as well) it’s like your makimg an fps game. For that, i promise. Youtube is your friend.


If you have a 2.49 Tutorial - simply use 2.49 to learn what it teaches you.

Later you can switch to 2.5 to use what you learned. You can even use the files from 2.49.

BTW Please HELP FAST is not a good title for a support request ;).


For bullets you are usually better using a rayCast to return a hit object instead of an actual bullet model. Physics can be unreliable on small fast objects.

If you want to add eyecandy like tracer rounds then a simple mesh of a long cylinder will do the job instead of a moving bullet.

There are a number of fps demos and tutorials that you can learn the rayCast technique from. It will require some basic Python to make the most of it though.